How to buy products on

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Step 1: Click on the product you want to buy 


Step 2: Select the size, color, quantity, and then add to cart

Step 3: Go to your cart and click on Pay


Step 4: Fill out the form with the information required and click on Pay

 Step 5:

VietStore365 provides 3 payments methods:

Option 1: Online transfer with a debit card: if you have an bank account and use internet banking service, you should choose to pay in this way to have more sercurity and your race will be activate right after your successful payment.

Option 2: Online Transfer with Visa Card , Master Car, JCB. You are also allowed to pay with one of these cards and your race will be activated right after your successful payment

Option 3: Dicrect transfer at a bank: if you do not have any debit card and not use internet banking service, you can also pay at the ATM, your race will be activated  when you confirm that you have completed you payment successfully 

Vietrace365 remcommends you to choose two first opptions for your payment security and convenience. 


If you have any question, feel free to contact us. Hope you enjoy your shopping!