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Lao Cai is a mountainous province located in the North of Vietnam, 296 km from Hanoi by railway and 295 km by road. It has a 108 km border with Yunnan province - China and Yen Ban province to the South, Ha Giang province to the East; The West borders Son La and Lai Chau provinces. The province has an area of 6,383.9 km², population: 674.5 thousand people (in 2015). Lao Cai has 1 city is Lao Cai city; with 8 Districts: Muong Khuong, Bat Xat, Bac Ha, Bao Thang, Sa Pa, Bao Yen, Van Ban, Si Ma Cai. There are 25 ethnic groups living together, of which ethnic minorities account for 64.09% of the province's population.

The name "Lao Cai" originates from the place name of the ancient urban area "Lao Nhai" which means "Old Town". On July 12, 1907, Lao Cai province was officially established, the name of the old town became the name of Lao Cai province. Lao Cai has multi-ethnic cultural beauty, rich in identity. The diversity and richness of culture are reflected in both tangible and intangible cultures.

Lao Cai has a variety of festivals. There is a festival to pray for crops, an association associated with the beliefs of worshiping the sun god, water god, fertility, and forest protection. Lao Cai has many outstanding tourist attractions such as: Sapa Heaven Gate; Ham Rong mountain; Fansipan cable car; Ta Phin brocade village; point "hunting clouds" Y Ty; landmark 92 - Lung Po fork is the junction where the Nguyen Giang River (China) meets the Lung Po river in Vietnam, merging and flowing into Vietnam with the name Red River; Thien Sinh Bridge; The road A Lu - Ngai Thau and Y Ty - Muong Hum; Coc San cave; fairy mountain; Tien cave; Bac Ha fair; Palace of Hoang A Tuong (Hoang Yen Chao castle); Pho Rang Victory Monument…

Specialties in Lao Cai are also very rich and unique with delicious dishes such as Salmon, sturgeon. Effervescent roll is also known as pho khan; armpit pig; Bac Ha sour noodle soup; win the horse; San Lung wine…

2. Event Content

- Distances: 100km, 200km, 300km, 500km, 700km, 900km, 1.200km

- Finish within 30 days of successful registration.


Register to participate with a registration fee of 26,000 VND/registration: receive an electronic medal, BIB + electronic certificate + 6 bonus points + 1 member ranking point and contribute 10,000 VND to the Bau Bi Viet Fund.

Register to receive a full Race kit pack with an additional fee of 134,000 VND/registration: get material medal + hard copy certificate + hard copy BIB + 6 bonus points + 01 bottle of 100PLUS sports drink + 1 member ranking point + 10% off voucher when purchasing BMAI products and contributing 10,000 VND to Bau Bi Viet Fund.

Preferential policy for group registration: up to 10-20% off with extra gifts for group registrations depending on the quantity. The amount of discount/refund + gift to the representative of the group is based on the actual number of members by the end of the registration period. If there comes a request, please contact VietRace365 for support.


VietRace365 deducts a sponsorship of 10,000 VND/registration and the entire amount of additional money donated by athletes implement the social program BAU BI VIET sponsors long-term subsidies (monthly, multi-year allowance) for students with extremely difficult circumstances across the country.

See program activities information at: 

Look up the list of contributors, the list of students receiving grants at:


Online payment via domestic bank card or Visa, Master Card, JCB or MoMo wallet.

Payment by bank transfer: transfer with the syntax “Order code_Full name_Phone number” to one of the following bank accounts:

VietComBank: 0441003794400 - Lê Thị Lễ (Tân Bình Branch - TPHCM)

Agribank: 6222205048575 - Lê Thị Lễ (Quận 5 Branch - TPHCM)

Sacombank: 060009015089 - Lê Thị Lễ (Lãnh Binh Thăng Branch - TPHCM)

Teckcombank: 14023304970017 - Lê Thị Lễ (Kỳ Đồng Branch - TPHCM)


Hot Line/Zalo: 0967711365 (Vietnamese Speaking) hoặc 0977005090 (English Speaking).





  1. Double-sided embossed metal medal with outstanding symbols and images of Son La.
  2. Hard copy BIB (identification number)
  3. Hard copy Certificate plastic injection.
  4. Receive 6 Reward Points
  5. 01 bottle of 100PLUS sports drink.
  6. Donate 10,000 VND for the program "Bau Bi Viet"
  7. Plus 1 point into member ranking
  8. 10% off voucher when shopping at BMAI

  • Finish the race within 30 days from the date of successful registration. The allowed cycling speed is from 01 minute/km - 12 minutes/km.
  • This is an open virtual cycling race, you can run anywhere and anytime as long as you record your results using Strava, Garmin, Suunto apps. 
  • The results update guidance are attached within the successful registration confirmation email. If you have any questions, please look for the instructions here or contact the organizing committee via support channels.
  • Apply the rule "No completion, no medal". The organizing committee reserves the right to check the results provided by players if it is suspected that the results are not honest. The organizing committee's decision is final and not subject to appeal.
  • Free delivery in Vietnam. For other countries, delivery charges depending on geographic location and service provider unit price, are automatically added to the general billing fee upon registration.
  • Participants should pay attention to comply with the regulations on Covid-19 prevention of the local government.

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