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"Run for Youth" is a virtual running race to kick off the 25th anniversary of the State Securities Commission (SSC). Health and youth are always parallel factors that we have to maintain by training ourselves, and running is one of the ways. Why don’t we put on our shoes and get on the track?

1. Race time 

- Registration time:  from 00:00 am  June 6th, 2021  to 12:59 pm 30th June 2021 

- Race time: start at 00:00 am on  June 16th, 2021, and finished at 12:59 pm 31st July 2021

The race time will be adjusted if the coronavirus pandemic becomes more serious. 

2. Race distances: 100KM, 150KM, 200KM, 250KM. This is a cumulative challenge.

 100km –  Start-up

 150km - Mid-cap

 200km -  Large-cap

 250km -  Blue chip

3. Who can participate in the challenge

- All Vietnamese citizens and foreigners who are living in  Vietnam can participate in the race. Running results' participants will be recorded and update on our website via the Strava app, Garmin or Sunnto watches.

- Kids under 6 years who participate in the race must be observed by their parents or their guardian during the race time

4. Registration guideline

- Read guideline on how to sign up for the account on Vietrace365 on

- If you already have an account on Vietrace365, please click on the link and fill out the registration form  then click on " Buy" to complete your registration process. 

- Download and Install Strava app to your phone to record your running results. This also can be done by using Garmin and Suunto watches.  Your running result will be updated and viewed in the result section on the web. 

Note: Make sure the Strava account you are using and the account connected with your account on Vietace365 are the same.  

5. General rules

-Anywhere and Anytime works if you record your running results by  Strava app or Garmin or Suunto watch which are connected with your account on Vietrace365.

- Changes in participant's information will not be accepted 

- We value fair play so we will check all your running results to make sure there is not any cases of cheating. 

6. Contacting information 

- For any question about registration and update results please contact us via

+ Hotline & Zalo 0967.711.365

+ Email 

+ Inbox us on fanpage


Prizes for individuals

- Finishers will be awarded a medal

- Top 3  outstanding finishers at each race distance (100km, 150km, 200km,250km)

- Top 1 runner with the longest distance 

Prizes for clubs

- Club with the highest number of members who complete their distances

- Club with the longest distance in total

2. Time to public the results

The final results will be published on Run for Sustainable Capital Market of State Securities Commission's fan page and fan page of Vietrace 365  Vietrace365-giấc mơ Việt Nam.

3. How to award your prize 

Your awards will be shipped to your address in a month from the date of publishing the results.

For any question or changes of your address, please contact us via hotline 

Note: Winners have to provide proofs of race complexion includes a photo of them running and using a running calculator like Strava app, Garmin or  Suunto watches, and a photo of the connection of the winners' Strava account and Vietrace365 account. 

Rule of race 

- Start your race after your order is activated 

- Race time: Race time: start at 00:00 am on  June 16th, 2021, and finished at 12:59 pm 31st July 2021

- Make sure you save your runs on your running  recorded calculator 

- Pace valid: 4-13 minutes 

- Running on a treadmill is not acceptable.

- Collect as many runs as you can to complete your distance 

(*) Participants are recommended to make  Facebook posts with the photos of them on the running tracks   with hashtag #R4SCM #SSC #SSCVietnam #UBCKNN #Shinhanbank


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Group/Organization/Club Results

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Country Results

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Vietnam's Provinces/Cities Results

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"Chạy cho tuổi Thanh Xuân” là giải chạy bộ trực tuyến khởi động cho Chương trình 25 năm ngày thành lập Ủy ban Chứng khoán Nhà nước (UBCKNN). Sức khoẻ và tuổi thanh xuân là đôi bạn đồng hành. Các bạn có sức khoẻ và tuổi thanh xuân chạy để duy trì. Các anh/chị đã qua chặng đường này, chạy để tìm lại. Các bác/cô/chú đã về đích chặng đường này, chạy để tìm lại những ký ức một thời. Chẳng còn lý do gì để chúng ta, các thế hệ trong ngành chứng khoán, không xỏ giầy vào và tiến ra đường chạy.