20.20km 42km 120km 200km 220km 320km

46 Registration date
145,000 VNĐ
5 Bonus points
950,000 VNĐ Total donation
Qualifying Activities
Complete the race in a single or multiple accumulative activity

Register time: -

Race time: 30 days from registry time

1028 Participants


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Race details

Time is priceless which you can not be exchanged by other things like gold or money. Once time passes, it will never come back to us, therefore, we should enjoy every moment in recent and it would be nothing to regret then.

This challenge is for those who value their recent, future time, and also the past. It is inspired by the clock as a symbol of the time, which points at 12.pm, the moment of starting a new day, you can travel to places you want to go, do what you enjoy, and meet your loved ones. 

“ Dong Thoi Gian” – the name of a song written by Nguyen Hai Phong, which inspires the Vietrace365 founder to organize this race.

 1. Race details:

  • This is an online race, you can run anytime and anywhere
  • You are allowed to choose an appropriate distance
  • Registration time: from the 8th of January 2020 until out of slots
  • Race time: 30 days since you register and pay successfully for your race
  • Medal delivery time: since 20/02/2020 (Tet holiday off)

2. Payment method

  1. Online banking by ATM or Master/Visa/JBC via OnePay. Your race will be activated right after you complete the payment.
  2. Payment via Momo wallet
  3. Bank transfer by yourself with content: Order No_Customer Name_Phone Number ( ex: 14067 Le Phuc Thinh 0967711365)

Beneficiary banks and beneficiary accounts as below:

*Vietcombank: Account Number  0441003794400 - Lê Thị Lễ (subsidiary in Tân Bình - TPHCM)

*  Agribank: Account Number  6222205048575 - Lê Thị Lễ (subsidiary in District 5 - TPHCM)

* Sacombank: Account Number  060009015089 - Lê Thị Lễ (subsidiary in Lãnh Binh Thăng - TPHCM)

* Techcombank: Account Number  14023304970017 - Lê Thị Lễ (subsidiary in Kỳ Đồng - TPHCM)


1. An e-medal and a real medal: a real embossed 2d medal is inspired by a clockas the symbol of the time. Its design is based on the message of the year 2020 “ Let’s value our time, make an effort in any situation and enjoy each second of our life”. You deserve to have a medal for your efforts and your improvement.

2. e-BIB

3. e-Certificate

Rules of race

- Pace must be between 4 minutes to 20 minutes

- Runners complete the race within 30 days since the registration date by different runs

This is an online race, therefore, you can run anytime and anywhere as long as your running results are updated via the Strava app or Tracklog on the website vietrace365.vn. Guideline on how to update your activities here tại đây or contact us via email vietrace365@gmai.com, hotline: 0967711365.

- Apply the rule “ no finish, no medal”

- The race organizers are allowed to check the runners’ results and delete it in the cases of cheating.

- Like our Fanpage to follow race information https://www.facebook.com/vietrace365/?ref=bookmarks



Personal Results

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Group/Organization/Club Results

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Country Results

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Vietnam's Provinces/Cities Results

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Đây là giải chạy trực tuyến, bạn có thể chạy bất cứ đâu. Hoàn thành bằng nhiều lần chạy trong 30 ngày kể từ ngày đăng ký. Thử thách này dành cho những người biết trân quý thời gian và cuộc sống, không phải chỉ với những gì sẽ đến mà cả những quãng đường đã qua. Lấy cảm hứng từ chiếc đồng hồ là biểu tượng cho thời gian, lấy dấu mốc 12h – 00h là khoảnh khắc giao thời của sự thay đổi, là ý nghĩa của một ngày mới, một năm mới, một con đường mới, một cuộc sống mới với mỗi người.

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