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Championship - Year Of The Cat 2023 is VietRace365's 2023 online championship with three disciplines: running, cycling, and swimming. Participants need to complete a minimum of 365 km of running, cycling, and swimming between January 1, 2023, and December 31, 2023 to receive the ultimate medal (road size). glasses up to 10 cm) and many other attractive gifts.


1. Distance: Participants can choose one of the forms such as running, walking, cycling or swimming.

+ Running, walking: 365km

+ Cycling: 365km

+Swimming: 60km

2. Time:

- Registration time: From 00h00' on December 14th, 2022 to November 19th, 2023.

- Time to record results: From 00h00' on January 1st, 2023 (for registrations before January 1st, 2023) or from the date of successful registration (for registrations after January 1st, 2023) through December 31th, 2023, completed by multiple runs (cumulative) during this period.

- Time of medal delivery: all athletes participating and completing will receive medals after January 20th, 2024 and receive them all before the 2024 Lunar New Year.

3. Location:

Athletes choose places to walk and jog in accordance with their personal conditions, and encourage them in the areas where they live and work...


Participation fee: depending on the subscription package as follows:

- Package 1 (Electronic Medal): 30,000 VND/registration.

- Package 2 (Real Medal and Race kit): 300,000 VND/registration.

- Preferential policy for group registration: 10-15% discount and extra gifts for group registration depending on the quantity. The amount of discount/refund + gift to the representative of the group is based on the actual number of members after the end of the registration period. If you have any requirements, please contact VietRace365 for support.

+ For teams of 10 or more people: 10% off
+ For teams of 20 or more people: 12% off
+ For teams of 30 or more people: 15% off


Buy more shirts: 200,000 VND/shirt. High quality running sports t-shirt with beautiful design. Please see the specifications (Unisex) to choose the right shirt size. Free delivery in Vietnam; for other countries, delivery fee depends on geographical location and service provider's unit price, is automatically added to the general payment fee upon registration,  to buy different shirt sizes and quantities just Click the "Buy More" button and select the quantity. Ordered shirts are delivered with Race Kit.


For each registered athlete, VietRace365 deducts a sponsorship of 30,000 VND/registration and the entire amount of additional money donated by athletes to the program "Tet sharing for the poor 2024" for special difficult cases that have been approved. Bau Bi Viet subsidy package.


Payment via domestic ATM card, credit card, debit card (Visa/Master/JCB), MoMo wallet, ZaloPay wallet, Moca wallet, scan QR code.


Step 1:  Create a VietRace365 account or Log in directly with your Facebook or Google account: see instructions HERE

Note: Participants need to access the race link on a web browser to be able to log in with their Facebook or Gmail account. Please do not use Zalo application to access.

Step 2: Register to participate in the tournament:

+ Access the link: HERE
+ Fill in the information, click the "Purchase" and "Payment" buttons to complete the registration.

Step 3: Runners participate in running and record their daily running results using Vietrace365 or Strava applications (installed on smart mobile devices).

+ See detailed installation instructions Strava: HERE

+ See detailed Vietrace365 installation instructions: HERE

- Instructions for using VIETRACE365 application to measure running results (installed on smart mobile devices).

+ Install Vietrace365 application on smart mobile device (Android/IOS).
+ Use the login information on Vietrace365 to login the application. Users can view the information on the web platform.
+ Click the "Record" button and select Start.
+ After finishing the run, click Stop and Save.

The results of the athletes will be continuously accumulated, updated and displayed on the rankings of the tournament.


Hotline / Zalo: 0967711365 (Vietnamese) or 0977005090 (English).




Special Gold Cat medal design with size up to 10cm in diameter.

All athletes who register for the real medal package (pack 2) before January 5th, 2023 will receive a lucky draw ticket to receive a Sunnto 7 watch worth 14,500,000 VND.

I. Completed Individual Prize: All Athletes who successfully register (package 2) and complete the challenge will receive a Race Kit including:

1. Embossed medal with engraved name
2. Hard copy number (BIB worn with pins)
3. Certificate in hard copy
4. Get 6 bonus points (directly to vietrace365 account)
5. Plus 1 member point (directly to vietrace365 account)
6. Contributing 30,000 VND to the program "Tet sharing for the poor 2024"
7. Voucher 10% off when buying at

8. Gifts from sponsors

II. Outstanding Individual Award
1. Yellow shirt award (Male/Female)
The athlete with the highest cumulative kilometers per month in each category (running, cycling, swimming) will receive the yellow jersey title (heart rate required).
Prize: 1 code to register for any prize on Vietrace365 platform and gift from sponsor.

2. Final Prize (Male/Female)
The athlete with the highest cumulative kilometers in each category (running, cycling, swimming) after finishing the tournament.
Prizes: Trophy + 1 code to register for any prize on Vietrace365 platform + sponsor gift
III. Monthly lucky draw prize
- Lucky number of registered athletes:

+ Free package: 1 ticket
+ Real medal pack: 3 tickets
+ Real medal package with shirt: 5 tickets

- Award:

+ 10 race registration codes worth 200,000 VND applied to prizes on Vietrace365 system
+ 10 vouchers for 30% off when buying at
+ Other gifts from sponsors such as Goya, Enzyme Klean, Vs365, Honey Buddy, Faminuts,...

IV. Prizes for clubs and businesses: divided into two groups
1. Club Award (running, cycling, swimming)
Conditions: The club has a registered number of 30 people or more and has the most cumulative kilometers.
- First prize: Honor Cup + gifts from sponsors
- Second prize: Gift from sponsor
- Third prize: Gift from sponsor
2. Prizes for teams/enterprises (running, cycling, swimming)
Conditions: The team/enterprise has the number of registrations of 30 people or more and has the highest average cumulative kilometers.
- First prize: Honor Cup + gifts from sponsors
- Second prize: Gift from sponsor
- Third prize: Gift from sponsor

- Do not accept update results by tracklog.

- Running, walking with a valid Pace (speed) between 4 minutes/km - 20 minutes/km.

- Cycle with a valid Pace (speed) between 1 minute/km - 12 minutes/km.

- Swim with a valid Pace (speed) between 10min/km - 40min/km (equivalent to 1p/100m - 4p/100m).

- Completing the minimum number of kilometers according to the registered distance or more within the time frame of the program is considered completed, the cumulative total of the individual results will be recorded, cumulative to calculate the achievement.

- Tracklog updates and results from the Google Fit app are not accepted.

- The rule  “No completion, no medal”.

- BTC has the right to check the results provided by the player if it is suspected that the results are not honest. BTC's decision is final and not subject to appeal.

- Group prizes: only applicable to groups with a registered number of 30 people or more.

* If you have any questions, please see the instructions here or contact the BTC via email, hotline/zalo: 0967711365.

Personal Results

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Country Results

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Vietnam's Provinces/Cities Results

# Province/City Registered members Distance (km) Running distance Cycling distance Swiming distance
Với mỗi VĐV đăng ký, VietRace365 trích tài trợ 30.000đ/đăng ký và toàn bộ số tiền VĐV quyên góp thêm cho Chương trình "Tết sẻ chia cho người nghèo 2024" cho các trường hợp học sinh đặc biệt khó khăn đã được duyệt hưởng gói trợ cấp Bầu Bí Việt.

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