Become a "green runner" by participating in the "Supporting Natural Disaster Prevention and Control" online running race. Every step you take in the race has contributed to spreading the message of proactive disaster risk reduction and climate change adaptation. Take action today to create a safe, clean, and green Vietnam for all children.

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Qualifying Activities
Running, Walking Complete the race in a single
or multiple accumulative activity
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1. Purpose:

- Responding to the International Day for Disaster Risk Reduction – on October 13th, by conveying messages about disaster prevention and control and climate change adaptation.

- Spreading the child-centered orientation in communication activities to raise awareness on disaster risk reduction.

- Creating a useful playground for children and communities across the country on the occasion of the International Day for Disaster Risk Reduction, October 13, 2022.

2. Requirement:

- Ensure safety and health principles for athletes.

- Ensure reasonability in terms of time and intensity of exercise to contribute to the formation of regular and continuous physical training habits.


1. Participants

The running race is open to all individuals living inside Vietnam.

2. Time:

- Registration time: From 15:00 on October 26, 2022 to 23:59 on November 10, 2022.

- Result recording time: From 0:00 on November 1, 2022, to 23:59 on November 30, 2022.

3. Running distance:

- Female: minimum 50km running/walking

- Male: minimum 70km running/walking

4. Location:

Athletes choose places for walking or running by their personal conditions, recommended places including the areas where they live and work.

5. Registration fee: Free

6. How to participate:

Step 1: Create a VietRace365 account or Log in directly with your Facebook or Google account: see instructions HERE

Note: Participants need to access the link on a web browser to be able to log in with their Facebook or Gmail accounts. Please do not use the Zalo application to access it.

Step 2: Register to participate in the running race:

  • Access the link: HERE
  • Fill in all information, click “Purchase” and “Pay” to complete the registration.

Note: Free registration

Step 3: Athletes participate in running and record their daily running results using the Vietrace365 or Strava App (installed on a smart mobile device).

*See detailed Strava installation instructions: HERE

*See detailed Vietrace365 installation instructions: HERE

*Instructions for using the VIETRACE365 App to record the running results (installed on smart mobile devices).

  • Install Vietrace365 App on smart mobile devices (Android/IOS).
  • Use the login information on Vietrace365 to log in to the application. Users can view the information on the web platform.
  • Press the “Record” button and select “Start”.
  • After finishing the run, click Stop and Save.

The results of the athletes will be continuously accumulated, updated, and displayed on the rankings of the running race.



1. Individual Prize

Prizes for the Top 03 male athletes and Top 03 female athletes completing the minimum distance (50km/Women; 70km/Men) and having the best results:

- 02 First Prizes: Each prize is worth 2,000,000 VND.

 02 First prize winners will be honored and awarded in Da Nang. The entire cost of air tickets and accommodation of 02 athletes participating in receiving the award will be sponsored by the Organizing Committee.

- 02 Second Prize: Each prize is worth 1,500,000 VND.

- 02 Third Prize: Each prize is worth 1,000,000 VND.

Evaluation criteria:

- Main criteria: Total number of valid cumulative kilometers during the competition period.

- Sub-criteria: Fastest average pace.

  • 01 Companion Prize: 01 Athlete who runs at least 5km/day every day (with daily running results recorded on the system) and has the most cumulative total kilometers by the time of closing results recording, will be honored and awarded a Certificate of Companion in Da Nang. The entire cost of airfare and accommodation of athletes participating in receiving the award will be sponsored by the Organizing Committee. 

(The Companion Prize does not apply to the top 3 male and female athletes). 

2. Lucky draw

02 lucky draw prizes for athletes who register and complete the distance: 500,000 VND/prize.


- Types of activities include outdoor running and outdoor walking.

- Valid pace:

   + Walking, running: average pace from 4 minutes/km - 20 minutes/km.

   + For walking and running, the average moving speed of all 1km distance (a split) is a maximum of 4 minutes/km.

- Activities with a valid average pace but an abnormal pace according to every split of time (pace per km) will be considered by the Organizing Committee depending on the case.

- The Organizing Committee wants all athletes to show a pure spirit when participating in the running race, and not to cheat in sports. In addition, the organizers also have technical measures to detect cases of possible fraud. Any cheating will result in disqualification.

- In all cases of complaints, denunciations, disputes, stoppage of competition, or cancellation of results... the final decisions belong to the Organizing Committee.

Note: Contents of the Rules may be amended and supplemented (if any) by the Organizing Committee and share the official information on the program's website.


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