54 ethnic groups in Vietnam - Tay ethnic groups

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Vietnam is a nation of many ethnic groups. The ethnic groups that make up the great Vietnamese family have a long history of joining forces to build the country and fight against foreign invaders over the years. Vietnam is in the region that links the two great empires. The Pacific Ocean and the Indian Ocean It has a lot of islands and is convenient for trading in the region and with other continents, so many different ethnic groups have lived there for a long time. Vietnam is a country on the path to human development that is situated between two ancient centers, so it quickly became the meeting point of those civilizations. Ethnographers claim that there are currently 54 distinct ethnic groups living in Vietnam. Despite the fact that each ethnic group has distinct cultural and historical practices, they all share a common destiny. All Vietnamese ethnic groups have been free and equal since the August Revolution in 1945, when the Democratic Republic of Vietnam, which is now the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, was founded. equality, striving to rise together, cooperating with one another, and constructing the nation jointly.


The second event in the series, 54 Vietnamese-Tay Ethnicities, aims to educate everyone about the splendor of Vietnamese culture and people by identifying 54 ethnic groups on the country's territory. In the same way, it provides a brand-new playground for sports enthusiasts where running, cycling, and swimming can interact with one another, increasing motivation to engage in health-enhancing activities.


- Participants can choose one of the forms such as running, walking or cycling or swimming.

+ Running, walking: 54km/100km

+ Cycling: 63km/200km

+ Swimming: 5km/10km

- Complete with one or more activities within 21 days of successful registration.

2.Registration period: from December 31, 2022 to February 28, 2023 or when seats are exhausted.

3.Quantity: There is no limit to the number of participants, only 200 places to register for real medals.

4.Participation fee: participants can choose one of two packages when registering for the challenge

- Free pack.

- Package of real medals and Race kit: 200,000 VND including limited edition metal medal + Certificate of hard copy (hard pressed) + Vouchers of sponsors.

>>>Especially VietRace365 commits: Medals are pre-made and available, will be delivered to you right after you finish with only 3-4 days of express delivery.

5.In particular, the team with the highest number of members who register for the real medal package and complete the distance will receive a Garmin Instinct Solar 2 watch worth 10,990,000 VND.


- Enter the amount you want to contribute in the "Donate" field when registering and paying. (Each person can spread and give good values ​​to the community)

- Vietrace365 will donate 20,000 VND/registration with real medals + the entire amount donated by athletes to the BAU BI VIET social program will be used to sponsor long-term allowances (monthly, multi-year grants) for students with extremely difficult circumstances nationwide.

- View information about the program's activities at: https://vietrace365.vn/charities/quy-bau-bi-viet. Look up the list of contributors, the list of students receiving grants at: https://vietrace365.vn/charities/quy-bau-bi-viet


 Payment via domestic ATM card, credit card, debit card (Visa/Master/JCB), MoMo wallet, ZaloPay wallet, Moca wallet, scan QR code.


Step 1: Create a VietRace365 account or Log in directly with a Facebook or Google account: see Drought instructions

Note: Participants need to access the race link on a web browser to be able to log in with their Facebook or Gmail account. Please do not use Zalo application to access.

Step 2: Register to participate in the tournament:

- Access the link: Here

- Fill in the information, press the “Purchase” and “Payment” buttons to complete the registration.

Step 3: Runners participate in running and record their daily running results using Vietrace365 or Strava applications (installed on smart mobile devices).

- See detailed Strava installation instructions: Here

- See detailed Vietrace365 installation instructions: Here

-Instructions for using VIETRACE365 application to measure running results (installed on smart mobile devices).

 + Install Vietrace365 application on smart mobile devices (Android/IOS).

 + Use login information on Vietrace365 to log in to the application. Users can view the information on the background web.

 + Press the "Record" button and select Start.

 + After finishing the run, press Stop and Save.

The results of campaign members will be continuously supported, updated and displayed on the league's rankings.


Hotline / Zalo: 0967711365 (Vietnamese) or 0977005090 (English).

Email: info@vietrace365.vn

Chatbox: www.vietrace365.vn

FB: https://www.facebook.com/vietrace365


1. Double-sided embossed metal medallion premium version.
2. Certificate of hard copy plastic injection.
3. Get 6 bonus points.
4. Plus 1 membership point
5. 1 pack of Honey Buddy
6. 1 pack of Enzyme Klean wet wipes (limited to 80 packs for 80 registrants and earliest completion)
7. 15% discount voucher from Vietstore365.
8. 10% or 15% discount voucher for Garmin watches at Mobile World (Limited quantity)
9. Honey Budy 30% discount voucher
10. Enzyme Klean 15% discount voucher
11. Vs365 100,000 discount voucher (limited quantity)


The team with the highest number of members who register for the real medal package and complete the distance will receive a Garmin Instinct Solar 2 watch worth 10,990,000 VND

3. PERSONAL PRIZES (dial the completed athletes to find the luckiest individuals)

- Applicable to athletes who register for the real medal package and complete the challenge:

- Applies to all athletes who complete the challenge (including athletes who sign up for the free plan and the real medal package):
+ 6 pairs of Goya shoes, each pair is worth 1,200,000 VND

+ 08 boxes of VS365 cereal germ powder

- Do not accept update results by tracklog.

- Running, walking with a valid Pace (speed) between 4 minutes/1km - 20 minutes/1km.

- Cycle with a valid Pace (speed) between 1 minute/1km - 12 minutes/1km.

- Swim with a valid Pace (speed) between 10min/1km - 40min/1km (equivalent to 1p/100m - 4p/100m).

- Completing the registration distance within 21 days from the date of successful registration is considered completed, the individual's cumulative results will be recorded and accumulated to calculate the achievement.

- This is an open race, you can run anywhere and anytime as long as you record your results using VietRace365, Strava, Garmin, Sunto applications. Instructions for updating results are sent with a successful registration confirmation email.

- The rule  “No completion, no medal”. BTC reserves the right to check the results provided by players if it is suspected that the results are not honest. BTC's decision is final and not subject to appeal.

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