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Race details

1. Online Running Race: “GO TOGETHER - GO BEYOND”

2. Timing:

-    Time for receiving contributions and registration information for running: From December 23, 2020

-     Recording time (walking, jogging, running): From 00:00 on 25th  Dec, 2020 to 23:59 on 03rd Jan 2021.

3. Participants:

-     Each PTC member who donate 200,000 VND (or more) will received a BIB to participate in the tournament and then increase their support value and win gifts from the organizers.

After receiving a BIB, members connect his/her Strava account with a VietRace365 account. If you haven’t register Strava, please download and register at this link:  Android;  iOS

4. Steps to participate:

-     Step 1: Create a VietRace365 account. Please find instruction in the link:


-     Step 2: Install and connect Strava with your VietRace365 account.

Please find instruction in the link:  https://vietrace365.vn/tin-tuc/detail/huong- dan-ket-noi-strava-tren-viet-race-365

-     Step 3: Donate and register to “GO TOGETHER - GO BEYOND” race

Support to the school affected by the floods in Central Vietnam by the following:

  • Option 1: Directly donate and register email accounts for VietRace at our company branches:

               Hanoi office: Ms. Hoa – Marketing

               Quang Ninh Product Support Center: Ms. Huong – Admin

               Long Thanh Product Support Center: Ms. Huyen – Admin

               Hung Yen Product Support Center: Ms. Giang – Admin

  • Option 2: Bank transfer to the Organizing Committee’s account

               Account name: VU QUYNH HOA

               Account number: 0021000617776

               Bank: Vietcombank

               Content: “Name<space>email account VietRace365”

Note: content will be used to create your BIB for the tournatment

Following and checking your information in the link: https://vietrace365.vn/races/race-detail/go-together-go-beyond

5. Other information:

-     For information related to technical support, registration, updating results ... please contact VietRace365 technical department at +8496.74.74.365 (via Zalo) or send email to vietrace365@gmai.com or inbox https://www.facebook.com/vietrace365/.

-     Regarding information related to plans, awards,... please contact Marketing Department    

-     In case you want to donate more than 200,000 VND, please contact Marketing Department - Ms. Hoa or Mr. Hai


Support Charity Fund:

All donations received from PTC members will be transferred by the company to support the flood-damaged school in Central Vietnam. PTC contributes an additional 5,000 VND on your behalf for every 1km completed.

Personal Prize:

-     At the end of the race, people who run or walk over 20km will receive an e- certificate and a gift.

-     2 vouchers worth 1 million VND each for the longest race on the launching day – 25th Dec, 1 for man and 1 for woman.

-     2 vouchers worth 1 million VND each for the one who owns the most highest accumulating number of kilometers total at the end of the race. 1 for man and 1 for woman.

-     Runner who records the most impressive shape of running route will receive running shoes voucher worth 2 million VND.

Result is calculated only by STRAVA application and updated at Vietrace365.vn

Rules of race

Each person's result will be recorded daily through electronic device and then synchronized and summarized online at: 


-     Valid average pace: between 4 - 12 minutes/km. Running, jogging or walking within this pace range will be counted

-     Runner needs to complete a minimum distance of 1km for each activity.

-     You can run anywhere and complete with multiple activity in 10 days from

00:00 on 25th Dec, 2020 to 23:59 on 3rd Jan, 2021. Please keep safety in mind.

-     Your account can be linked only one Strava account.

-     Activity must be measured with GPS-enabled equipment and shown with a map when connected to Strava. Strava results need to be in public mode.

Note: Result of running on the treadmill is not accepted.

-     Participants should adhere to the government's recommendations on epidemic prevention measures, nd always remember: SAFETY FIRST.

-     We want all participants to show the spirit of integrity. All frauds will be cancelled.

-     In all cases such as complaints, disputes and argument ... the organizing

committee’s decision is the final.

-     Rules can be modified and supplemented by organizing committee and will be officially announced on the race’s page.


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Với mỗi 1km thành viên chinh phục được, Phú Thái Cat sẽ thay mặt bạn trích 5.000 đồng (1km = 5.000 VNĐ) ủng hộ sửa chữa và xây dựng cơ sở vật chất trường học tại miền Trung.