Vietrace365 Deliver Policy

Vietrace365 with the mission of spreading the message of sports spirit, team spirit to sports lovers over the world, we always strive to provide interesting and meaningful races, useful products, and a fast delivery process.

1. Delivery time

Vietrace365 guarantees to deliver products to your place according to your address provided and your requirements. If you have any problems or questions  please contact us, we are always ready to serve you.

2. Delivery process

After you finish the run, our staff will call to confirm

When your order arrives, please check carefully whether the product is the one you ordered and its status as well

And don't forget to sign on the receipt!

Some notes about delivery procedures:

In case the shipper can not contact the receiver

Vietrace365 will keep the product within 30 days and contact the receiver again.

If the receiver does not receive or reject to receive the order. Vietrace365 will cancel the order, but in this case, you will not be refunded.

In case of incorrect address or address change

If the delivery address is not correct, Vietrace365 will continue to keep the order in one day and contact the customer for the correct address.

For VIP customers

If you are not allowed to leave your place, Vietrace confirms order information to the receiver and send it to the front desk or security guard.  

If you are in isolated or quarantined

In this case, We will deliver the order to your friends, family, or acquaintance as your request.

Some other additional notices

You need to carefully check the information of your order and your personal information required before doing the transaction: receiver's name, phone number, delivery address, delivery date and time …etc.